It is important to believe that we can do all things through Christ who loves us.


Focus on Loving our neighbors as we were commanded to do. This means that the focus of the business is not the profit for but rather for each individual customer.

We want to be aligned with customers who want to make the world a better place by helping the world through their products and or services.

Fruit of the Vine

So we are to remain attached to the vine and grow as branches. The business will grow according to the vine. [Jesus] Each one of our customers can be part of the fruit from our branches. It would be nice for them to be rooted on the same vine.

Remember we’re doing this for the customers.

There is no reason we can’t complete this. Imagine the complexity and the daily push to accomplish more from teams like SpaceX. I barely even push myself to any degree close to that but I am fully capable of it. I have an engineering degree and graduated from one of the TOP 10 engineering schools in the country. Believe IT! I can and WILL do it!